Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have posted it elsewhere, but not here, and not in this much detail...that I have completed my 2nd "RPM Challenge" (Record Produced in a Month), which represents the 4th Unknown Quantity "release", entitled "Shinespotting".

I owe a great deal of gratitude to my daughter Haley, who presented me with the perfect setting and circumstance for me to get this done. I was at an impasse with doing the recording I had planned, met some obstacles, encountered some work travel impedance, etc., and then Haley asked me to record 5 pieces of music for a meditation-related program that she co-wrote with her friend to be produced at a youth group retreat during the first weekend of March.
She had 5 settings in mind, and I needed to record 35 minutes of music to fulfill the RPM requirement, basically in one weekend.

My plan needed to be simple:
"5 improvisations on 5 different instruments with effects, 7 or 8 minutes a piece, no mixing."

Track 1 - "Sanctuary" - Soprano Sax
Track 2 - "Single Blade of Grass" - BubbleHarp (iOS app)
Track 3 - "Maze of Inner Light" - Korg Kaosillator (iOS app)
Track 4 - "Lightness and Heaviness" - Yamaha WX7 EWI triggering Moog Animoog (iOS app), connected via a Line 6 MIDI interface.
Track 5 - "Candles" - Alto Flute & Moog Animoog (iOS app)

This music is freely downloadable at at no cost for personal use *All rights reserved*.
If you choose to pay for the music, all proceeds will be donated to my daughter's youth program fund, which sponsors teens to attend retreats, summer camp and leadership training.

I also need to thank my longtime friend Bruce Tunkel, who mastered these tracks, to make them all shiny-like.

Thanks for reading and listening.

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