Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Out Like A Lion

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This track combines all of the instruments that you've heard in Tracks 1-5. I think that this "title track" about sums it up. Looking forward to your comments.

Sea Glazed

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"Sea Glazed" combines the soprano sax and synth intentionally starts similarly to "Opacity", but then it veers off.


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"Opacity" is one of my recent favorite words.

All of the sounds on this track emanate from my soprano sax. I have done some pitch shifting to lower some of the passages, so that it was not all sonically in one place.

Cerulean Undercurrents

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Combining Elements of Tracks 1 and 2.

Blue Fondue

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Ah, the Realistic MG-1 in all of its Old School and Analog glory, processed by 21st Century effects, and then served in layers...enjoy.

Right Under The Surface

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This is the track that inspired the whole set, and now I can say that "the cat is officially out of the bag".

I dusted off my bass on March 1st - played for a while in a pretty dark room, and the main riff emerged. I decided to record it, and then I recorded about 9 other tracks of bass guitar. I have been calling this process "linear improvisation", because I didn't listen to the other tracks while recording the next. But, as mentioned on an earlier post, I sliced/diced/mutilated, and then layered and mixed the WAV files that I recorded in Ableton Live, and at the end of the night, Track 1 was done.

For those of you who might be wondering...I really don't play the bass all that often. I do enjoy it, but I often think of it as a music theory puzzle when I play it.

"Out Like A Lion" Song Titles

1) Right Under The Surface (all bass guitar)
2) Blue Fondue (all synth)
3) Cerulean Undercurrents (bass & synth)
4) Opacity (all soprano sax)
5) Sea Glazed (soprano sax & synth)
6) Out Like A Lion (bass, synth & soprano sax)

Recorded at my home.
Mastered by Bruce Tunkel @ Beanland Studios.